1. A national support network – with Franchisees all across Australia there will never be shortage of local Franchisees to give you tips and advice on how to build your business.
  2. A fantastic Head Office Team – you’ll be supported by a team of motivated and passionate Head Office staff from all of our departments including Franchise Development, Training and Business Coaching, Marketing and IT Support.
  3. All inclusive package – your initial start up cost will provide you with absolutely everything you need to get started including all your training, equipment and ongoing support.
  4. No experience needed* – with the exception of some of our business services we can typically train you in everything you need to know about your service, all you need to bring is a positive attitude and the motivation to succeed!
  5. Passionate Master Franchisors – we have National, State and Regional Master Franchisors in place to support you as your build your business, they are there to help you kick start your business and offer ongoing service advice and business building support.
  6. Full time Business Coaches – at our Head Office we have a team of experienced Business Coaches that can talk you through all the ups and downs of starting a business. They offer weekly support to our remote Franchisees and can answer just about any question you throw at them!
  7. In-house Induction Training – our Franchisees will spend 2 days at our Training and Support Office in Brisbane, Australia learning how to operate and maintain their business. We give them skills and tools they will need to see their business grow!
  8. On the Job Training – following their Induction Training, our Franchisees spend 3 days with our experienced On the Job Trainers learning the ins and outs of their chosen service! This gives them a real taste for the journey they are about to embark on and gives them the opportunity to learn in a safe environment with the supervision of their Trainer.
  9. Exclusive Franchise Area – you will be given the rights to an exclusive Franchise area for your service which no other Express operator is allowed to work or promote in.
  10. 1300 EXPRESS number – Franchisees benefit from our Head Office call centre where all a customer has to do is call 1300 EXPRESS to speak to one of our friendly customer service team members who connect them with their closest operator!
  11. National Advertising – our Marketing Team work hard to ensure the Express name is promoted all over Australia in a multitude of large scale campaigns including TV advertisements, Radio campaigns, Advertorials, Giveaways and much more!
  12. Marketing Materials Supplied – we supply you with everything you will need to promote your business! From business flyers to letterbox drop flyers, car magnets, business cards and even promotion magnets and pens.
  13. Personalised Business Website – each Franchisee will receive a personalised business website to cover all areas of their Express franchise. Our IT team work exceptionally hard to ensure these websites appear on the first page of Google provided it is updated regularly by our Franchisees!
  14. No lead fees – we don’t charge any lead fees for work supplied to you! Instead, you reap the benefits of our National advertising in one neat weekly Franchise fee.
  15. Local promotions – we hold local shopping centre promotions all over Australia every single weekend. We feel it is extremely important for our Franchisees to get in front of their community and promote the Express name!
  16. EMS Online system – franchisees have access to our custom built online portal where they are able to invoice customers, order new equipment or promotional materials and lodge support tickets to our many departments.
  17. Monthly Updates and Newsletters – Franchisees receive monthly updates and newsletters from Head Office letting them know of upcoming shopping centre promotions and advertising campaigns. We also share success stories and tips from Franchisees on business building and self-promotion.
  18. We are a family – Express Business Group is a family owned and operated business. When we started in 2009, our goal was simple. To grow a network of motivated and successful Franchisees committed to providing an excellent service. This network has turned into a family and joining Express will see you become a part of this.
  19. We want you to succeed – your success is our success, your Masters and the Head Office team will do everything we can do see you succeed. The only question you need to ask yourself, is how badly do you want to succeed?
  20. Our system is tried and tested – with over 1,000 successful franchisees across Australia, USA and New Zealand our Franchise model speaks for itself. If you follow the system and listen to the advice of your Masters and Head Office team there is no reason you shouldn’t be able to earn well over $3,000 per week.