Express Telecommunications is a part of the Express Business Group network. The Express Business Group Network has over 30+ franchises under it’s belt and has franchisees all over Australia. It is one of the fastest growing franchises and they sure are changing the mobile home and workplace service industry. With their low introductory fees compared to some others. It is well worth the look.

While similar businesses charge $20,000 to $100,000+ for a franchise, Express Business Group has been established with a simple premise – keep the franchise entry costs low, not making a huge profit on the franchise sale as others do. In this way, we build a strong group of motivated, successful business owners offering excellent value and service.

The income that an Express Franchise Owner can earn is equal to, if not greater than, other franchised businesses. This is due to the fact that the franchisee does not have a huge loan of $30,000 to repay to the bank and therefore makes more PROFIT.When Express Business Group began in 2009, the company philosophy of attention to detail and specialised services brought almost instant success. The result – a range of successful mobile services – a complete mobile operation offering customers total service at their doorstep.

After researching, developing and systemising the concept by running a pilot franchise, the first public franchise was offered in 2011.Express had discovered a huge market and Express Business Group is proving to be a remarkable success. Though the Express Mobile Services system itself is now highly developed, the Company’s success will always be based on three fundamental premises: a simple job done exceptionally well; a low priced franchise that is fair and affordable; and a franchise system that enables motivated people to get into business for themselves.

Express Business Group aims to provide the best possible service to the widest range of customers, at affordable prices through a team of motivated, successful franchisees.

We ensure a high quality of standards through thorough training, refresher courses, seminars and ongoing customer liaison. Our goal is always to help franchisees get the best possible results from their business, which is why we consistently encourage success through excellent service and a professional attitude.

Our company policy is one of honesty and integrity. If problems do occur, we ensure they are dealt with in a fair and understanding manner in order to maintain constant harmony between customer, franchisee and franchisor.