At Express Telecommunications, we can supply all your landline, mobile and broadband internet solutions.

Hi, my name is Goce and I am your local Express Telecommunications Lilydale Operator. I work in an effective and efficient manner, so you will have more time to spend with your family and friends. By providing high quality and useful services, Express Telecommunications makes work more enjoyable and provides you more time to do what you truly love.

I pride myself in having outstanding, prompt, efficient and honest service. My top priorities are to meet face to face and to focus on all of your Telecommunication needs.

My services are effective and of high quality. In addition to these characteristics, I can guarantee that you will be greeted in a friendly and polite manner and that I will endeavour to exceed your expectations.

Express Telecommunications Lilydale specialises in all of your:



Mobile Broadband

Express NBN

Telecommunication packages

Express Telecommunications Lilydale is available throughout

Yarra Ranges Shire,



and surrounding suburbs.

I love and share a great passion for the Yarra Ranges Shire. For 5 years, I have worked to provide a service for the Lilydale area, as I worked for a distributor of food and beverages. During this time, I realised how much I care for the local community, which is why I want to use the Express Business Group franchise as a vehicle to help the community and to further enhance my skills as well. Over the years, I realised that I love customer service and the prospect of further assisting in any way that I can appeals to me. With the reliable, efficient and effective services that Express offers, I will provide a top class experience which will be delivered in a friendly and polite manner.