Express Telecommunications are a low overhead, low cost phone & internet service company that offer fixed and mobile internet and phone services over the Telstra, Optus & AAPT networks at great rates.

Express will save you money, up to 30% and to prove it we offer a free bill analysis service that takes less than 30 minutes! We come to you, analyse your bill and show where you can save!

Alternatively, take advantage of our free online bill analysis service and email a copy of your latest bill knowing within 24 hours we will present you with a single price solution that will save you money.

All information provided is treated as strictly confidential and if you decide to proceed, you keep your phone numbers, addresses & domains whilst the transition happens seamlessly behind the scenes.

The only indication you’ll have that the changeover has taken place is your next bill is lower cost and from Express Telecommunications!

Please take the time to send us a confidential copy of your bill or book a 30 minute free no obligation consultation.

Let us help with your efficiency drive and allow us to assist you to cut costs with no obligation, loss of speed or service quality.

We buy and sell bandwidth to serve you best so get a better deal.

Express Telecommunications – the better way to connect.

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